The Ultimate Guide To Prohormones For Sale

In the late 90s when Big Mac or Mark McGwirewas on a record-smashing homerun spree, an associated press reporter Prohormones For Salespotted an innocuous looking bottle of Androstenedione in his locker. After a bit of probing, Mark agreed to using the ‘supplement’ (oh yes, it was called a supplement back then) for a year. This was unarguably, the best ‘word of mouth’ publicity that Androstenedione could ever receive.

Androstenedione is a Prohormone or Precursor for Testosterone.

It is estimated that sales exploded a thousand times and touched $50 million within a year. Everyone wanted to be like Mark McGwire. The strength, the bulk and the muscle that the guy carried was enviable and unrealistic to be honest. And if the secret of the freakish strength was Androstenedione, then the world wanted to have a piece of it too.

This was the biggest and the most important event that brought prohormones for sale, into the media spotlight. Suddenly, the world sat up and took notice, that here was a product that was not entirely an anabolic steroid (at least not when you consume it) and yet, borders the effects generated by something more potent, like Test E.

The people who were using it reportedly had no side effects either. Who doesn’t like that?

You get insanely big, pound on more muscle than a meat truck, look like a demigod from another galaxy and can tonk the ball into another planet, without having to worry about losing your hair, pooping your liver out or losing your testes.

Then, as they say, all good things must come to an end. The US FDA decided to crackdown on the prohormone market. But not before the world could get a whiff of what could be achieved with them.

What are Prohormones?

Without getting into the chemistry and making it read like gobbledygook, let me skip that and put it in layman’s terms. Prohormones are chemical compounds which when ingested into the body (typically available as pills), start to amplify the effects of certain hormones which are already present in our body.

There are many different types of prohormones for sale on the internet. But the ones that makes athletes and gym rats drool is the prohormone for testosterone, like Androstenedione for example, which slowly gets converted into testosterone in the body.

Surprisingly, the rate of conversion is so slow and the effect so mild, that a person would have to take enormous doses of Androstenedione to replicate the effects of a typical cycle with Testosterone.

What about Mike McGwire then? Mike later admitted to using several other types of steroids too. So, in all probability, Androstenedione was not responsible for the freakish mass and strength that he displayed that season. So, if you ever thought about picking up some prohormones for sale, sorry to be the party pooper.

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel. If you are disappointed with what synthetic prohormones for sale can do for you,a new type of super supplement has replaced them with almost the same anabolic effects.

These are called Legal steroids and they are herbal anabolic supplements that will work exactly like your favorite prohormones, without the side effects.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the nasty side of synthetic prohormones, didn’t I?

Why herbal prohormones are better than synthetic ones

Ok. I think I will have to get a bit gobbledygooky here. But I will try to keep it simple.

Synthetic prohormones enter the body and are taken to the liver, where the liver processes it and it gets converted into a type of targeted hormone. Structurally, it is almost identical to a steroid and just needs an extra bond to get converted into the intended hormone.

For example, DHEA (Dehydro-epiandrosterone) gets converted into 4-Androstenedione, which in turn gets converted to testosterone via 17bHSD.  19-norandrostenedione gets converted to Nortestosterone.

But what makes them weak as compared to Anabolic steroids is the conversion rate. Most synthetic prohormones have a very low conversion rate to actually generate any anabolic effects from it. DHEA for example, has a 0.5% conversion rate making it a ridiculous choice for anyone looking to build muscle.

But not herbal prohormones. These legal steroids will help you pack on up to 13 pounds of muscle in as less as 8 weeks without causing any side effect whatsoever.

  • Hepatotoxicity: Since synthetic prohormones are ingested orally and processed by the liver, they can be toxic to the liver. And not just elevation in liver values either. Some of them are extremely toxic. In fact, it would be fair to say that they can be more toxic than injectable anabolic steroids. Legal steroids or herbal prohormones on the other hand do not even go a mile near the liver.
  • Gynecomastia: The dreaded ‘Bitch tits’ can be caused due to the aromatization of prohormones which converts them into estrogen. So, a cycle with synthetic prohormones must be monitored as closely as a cycle with anabolic steroids. You will mostly need to take SERMS (Selective estrogen receptor modulators) to prevent this from happening. With herbal prohormones, the body’s natural hormone production is not interrupted or fiddled with. So, no aromatization or estrogen to worry about.
  • Hair Loss:Depending on the type of prohormone you use and how prone you are to male pattern baldness, you may experience permanent hair loss while using prohormones. Yes folks. That’s irreversible hair loss we are talking about. With legal steroids, you get to keep your muscle and your hair too.
  • Testicular atrophy:It’s no fun to find that your testicles have almost disappeared one fine day. Synthetic Prohormones have the ability to shut down your body’s natural testosterone production. One of the first signs of this, is that your testes will shrink to the size of raisins. Usually, this returns to normalcy once you stop using the product. But you will most likely need PCT. Not with herbal prohormones or legal steroids. Like I said before, what doesn’t affect your body’s natural hormone production doesn’t cause testicular atrophy.
  • Other linked side effects: And if those were not enough, synthetic prohormones have also been linked to headaches, high blood pressure and they can completely destroy your lipid profile. So, suddenly, you will have elevated levels of bad cholesterol and lowered levels of the good ones. None of these side effects have ever been reported with herbal prohormones.

Using Herbal Prohormones vs. synthetics

If you thought that you could pop a few pills every day and get jacked while using synthetic prohormones then you were mistaken. It will require close monitoring, cycle support and post cycle therapy to allow your body to reap the benefits and function normally when you stop using them.

Cycle support involves the use of supplementation to minimize the risks or side effects. Some of these supplements are:

  • Liver Supplements: There are tons of liver support supplements available online. You can take your pick. But Milk Thistle is usually considered to be the most effective and the safest. You can also add vital amino acids and vitamins to your diet.
  • Heart support: To negate the effects of prohormones messing with the lipid panel, you need to use cardiac support supplements. These will also be beneficial for reducing your blood pressure which may skyrocket through the roof. Some possible choices are Hawthorne berry extracts, red yeast rice and other supplements for joint support.

Cycle support supplements must be used for at least two months after you stop using synthetic prohormones. This is when your body will slowly start to return to normalcy and giving it the right support is crucial at this stage.

Herbal prohormones on the other hand, require no cycle support. The only supplements that you can use are the ones you would use during workout anyway. Like Whey Protein, Creatine and some Glutamine. That’s it. That’s all it needs. You will be amazed at the freakish strength and size you start to gain within the first few weeks itself.

PCT with synthetic prohormones

Post cycle therapy begins as soon as you stop using Prohormones. Your body is now used to all the external surplus testosterone that was being supplied and is not producing any of its own. The result is that your testosterone to estrogen ratio is skewed. You have a surplus of estrogen and zero testosterone, which makes you prone to bitch tits and a host of other side effects. All the gains that you made during your cycle will be lost without the right PCT. Oh, not to mention that from being a T-Rex (no pun intended), you will suddenly experience the crash of zero testosterone.

  • SERMS: Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators block the effects of estrogen in the body and prevent you from getting gynecomastia and other estrogen related effects. SERMS are as illegal as prohormones are.
  • Aromatase Inhibitors: Once again, the purpose of using an Aromatase Inhibitor is to stop the synthesis of estrogen. One of the most commonly used drug in this category isAnastrazole, commonly sold under the brand name Arimidex.
  • Testosterone Boosters: Since the natural testosterone production in the body has stopped, a blend of herbal ingredients are used to stimulate the release of serum testosterone in the body. Tribulus, Horny Goat Weed and Tongkat Ali are some of the commonly used ones.

Once again, our legal steroids or herbal prohormones score way ahead of the synthetic ones because they will save you a lot of money, time and effort spent on swallowing pills during the PCT. You do not need any PCT with these. Your body will be fully functional and continue to produce testosterone as always. In fact, you may notice that your body’s free range testosterone has only increased.

Are Prohormones for sale legal?

Depending on the country that you reside in, the purchase and use of synthetic prohormones may or may not be legal. It is certainly not legal in the United States. In 2004, the existing ‘Steroid Control Act’ was further updated to include new performance enhancing substances to the list.

In 2014, the final nail in the coffin came via ‘The Designer Steroid Control Act’, which banned the possession and distribution of almost all possible substances that can be used to generate a prohormone.

So, even buying a synthetic prohormone is a felony offence. Do you want to risk your safety and commit a crime when you can buy a completely safe and legal product that offers the same benefits?

Why buying synthetic prohormones off the black market is unsafe

Due to the ban in the US, many gym rats and amateur athletes who were using prohormones on a regular basis, have now turned to the black market, where counterfeiting is rife. The origin of these prohormones may be dubious. Some confiscated illegal bottles were found to have been manufactured in China. And god help those who pump Chinese made synthetic drugs into their bodies.

Others were found to have originated in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Mostly, these products are manufactured without any quality checks or regulations and may even contain an actual anabolic steroid.

Finding good quality prohormones for sale

All said and done, it is completely possible to find good quality prohormones for sale. But not the synthetic liver bursting ones. I completely recommend that you check out the results offered by herbal prohormones for sale. People are making tremendous gains with these all-natural supplements and they are also available in identical stacks like your favorite prohormones and anabolic steroids.

But, they are only available on their website which you can find over here. Click here now.





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